Hey! Ready to have a designer website? One that you’ve built – yourself – in only 10 weeks! 

With the help of 1:1 coaching provided in Tech Loving Care™ every step of the way.

Are you wondering:

  • What you need in order to build a website?
  • How to build a website on WordPress?
  • If it is possible to do this by yourself?
  • How long it will take to do it yourself?

Watch this replay from our recent BootCamp for all the answers:

Let’s face it – there’s nothing more frustrating than

feeling stuck in your business, needing a website, and getting overwhelmed with tech and all the thousands of tutorials on the internet. And there’s nothing more disheartening than finding out that it will cost you $2000+ to get a very basic website professionally designed – only to realize that you will keep paying the designer to make simple adjustments and changes in the future. 

You know that you should be able to do it yourself. Especially with so many online tutorials. Maybe you’ve even tried and got frustrated when the interface looked different from yours. Or you got scared of making a mistake or using the wrong plugin. Other people make it look easy.

Yet, for you, it’s been anything but.

You thought that the hard part was going to be setting up a hosting package and choosing a WordPress theme. As it turns out, that was only just the beginning.

And now you feel like you must be missing something.

You are not alone. Most of our clients feel this way too – even those who know how to code HTML! The truth is that having someone beside you who knows what they are doing is a game-changer. Someone who will take you step-by-step, give you design advice, and – even better – all those crucial layouts custom designed for you. 

The problem? 

You might feel that you are limited on time, worried you will not manage this mammoth task. You might doubt yourself when it comes to learning something new. This can make achieving a beautiful, self-designed website seem to be more trouble than it’s worth! But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?

I want to help you create a designer website in just 10 weeks! 

I have been an online entrepreneur since 2018, and my passion has always been the tech side. Give me a challenge, and I will gladly solve it for you! However, WordPress and website design are where my expertise shines. 

FeatheredVine Studio has designed and built many websites and helped hundreds of start-up entrepreneurs build their perfect websites from scratch through our programs. 

We are known to help entrepreneurs get online faster with our step-by-step approach. And we empower business owners to feel confident in managing and updating their websites. 

Here’s what it will look like:

Step one

Access the Website Launch Accelerator Course. You have tutorials at your fingertips that are searchable and comprehensive.

Step two

Book your weekly 1:1 call with me when it suits you best.
Calls can be scheduled in advance so that you can plan your time.
Rescheduling is also available as long as you give advance notice.

Step Three

Build the website with me during our 45min call and get your action items to complete during the rest of the week. There is no time for overthinking or wondering what to do next.

Step Four

Get custom layouts and sections designed with your business in mind. These might be things like tables, product layouts, special features etc. It is like having your very own designer in your pocket if required.

Step Five

Testing and refining is an important stage. This is where we will make sure your website is mobile-friendly, has all the correct legal requirements, links are working, and third-party tools are connected. Launch with Confidence!

If you are ready to build your website on WordPress,

or if you
want to redesign your current website,

this is an opportunity that I promise you

will not want to miss.

What others are saying…

I’m so thankful for my Kadence theme site, knowing that it’s the top recommendation now, and I can see why. Yolande has helped me learn to navigate my site, and I am having fun building new pages and learning new settings. She’s an amazing teacher with tech abilities that shine!
Karin, Inspiring Involvement
Yes!! The live zoom sharing screen is invaluable!! It helps to jump thru the hoops!! Having the videos all organized is heaven sent!! Makes it less stressful!! Thank you Yolande’
Veronica, Fibromyalgia Living Daily

I loved having Zoom calls to specifically talk about certain page and design features I wanted. Most importantly, I learned how to add design elements so I can continue to work on my website independently once the groundwork was finished! Highly recommend!
Anna, The Polished Pine
I truly can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me. I am so so so excited about my website now whereas before I dreaded even looking at it. That in itself is priceless!!!
Heather, Guinea Pig Accademy

Sounds Good?

Here are your options:

1:1 Coaching
for 10 weeks

  • Access to the Website Launch Accelerator Course (Value: $197)
  • Weekly 45 min calls for the duration of 10 weeks (Value: $60 per call)
  • Complete Project management on Trello with weekly action items. (Value: $80 per month)
  • Group Coaching calls every two weeks (Value: $99)
  • Kadence Block/layout Library by FeatheredVine Studio (Value: $199)
  • Custom layouts and design help (Value $499)


  • Access to The Business Planning Bootcamp (Value: $49)
  • Extra Training: (Value: $27 per training)
    – Canva
    – Google Analytics setup
    – Facebook Business Manager and pixel setup
    – Pinterest Authentication

Total Value: $ 1 991

Your Price: $799

Or three monthly payments of $270

(Only 10 spaces available!)

Tech Loving Care™ membership

  • Access to the Website Launch Accelerator Course (Value: $197)
  • Group coaching calls every two weeks (Value: $99)
  • Kadence Block/layout Library by FeatheredVine Studio (Value: $199)


  • Access to The Business Planning Bootcamp (Value: $49)
  • Extra Training: (Value: $27 per training)
    – Canva
    – Google Analytics setup
    – Facebook Business Manager and pixel setup
    – Pinterest Authentication

Total Value: $ 652

Your Price: $80 per month

Exactly what I need to launch my new blog! 

I have really appreciated working with Yolande.
I’m not technical,
and she has been so helpful in answering my questions and getting everything set up.
Cultiverl Le Bonheur

Been a lifesaver for me getting started!

 One of my biggest obstacles has been the technical side of things, but with guidance from Yolandé and the easy setup at FeatheredVine getting my business started has been so much easier.
Sheltered Stream

The degree of explanation is excellent!

This is one of the most enjoyable and comprehensive courses I have taken in quite a while. If you are thinking about building a website, don’t hesitate any longer – this is the place to be.
Marilynn A
Reflections of You


Have any other questions or concerns not been addressed here? Please email us at help@featheredvine.com

You have access to the course during the 10-week coaching program or while your membership is active. This course is unique in that it is like a living and breathing being: We constantly update it as Kadence brings out new features or the WordPress environment changes. For this reason, we keep it available for the active members of our community so that we can ensure it keeps its high quality and value.

We keep adding to this block library as we help more businesses and create solutions. You will, therefore, be unable to keep the library API key after your membership ends. However, you are welcome to copy and paste the layouts into demo pages for future use.

We will always record all our meetings and training. In case of complete tech failure, we will ensure a solution by recording a separate video or cliffs note version. This is important to us as it forms part of our incredible vault of content that is available to members. If you cannot attend live, you can still send us your questions or ask for help, and we can address them during the meeting or create a separate screen recording with the solution. We have a simple motto: No stupid questions and no unanswered questions!

For sure! We have run the entire Website Launch Accelerator course over a period of one month in the past. It is possible to get through the content and launch your website in a month. So if you are not interested in the bonuses we offer our active members, then you are welcome to hang out with us for a month and enjoy our community and membership vault.

We do have a 14-day Refund Policy to give you peace of mind. You can read more about it here.