Kadence 3.0 is a powerful update for WordPress users, allowing them to reduce code size while still benefitting from features such as grid layouts, advanced text options, padding and margin settings, gradient options, and easy icon insertion. The Block Editor simplifies page design while providing consistent blocks, while Clam Settings, Link Settings, and Block Defaults add greater customization.

Kadence 3.0 is an update that reduces code size while still providing more features. It allows users to add a grid layout to the role layout block, easily move blocks between columns, explore advanced text options with the Kadence Advance Text Block, customize the padding, font size, and color of links with the WordPress Block Editor’s Clam Settings, Link Settings, and Block Defaults features, as well as add icons, borders, gradients, and hover color of buttons to paragraph and highlight text blocks. Kadence Blocks 3.0 provides an intuitive way to create sections and blocks with faster loading of JavaScript code and SVG files, with accessibility as a priority.

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