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Would you like a feather in your cap and join our vine of like-minded entrepreneurs?

Our affiliate lounge is where we hang out and build businesses together! This is so much more than promoting FeatheredVine. Have a bonus product to add? Grab a cuppa, and let’s chat!

Join our incredible team of marketers who are passionate about the same core values as we are. You see? You become more than just a marketer by promoting our products and joining this Affiliate Lounge. 

 We change home-based business owners’ lives and help bring practical solutions to those who are hard at work, taking their futures seriously and into their own hands. 

 We put a lot of effort into making our programs accessible to everyone, and by coming on board with us, you can create change too!

So what do you need to know before you join?

By promoting our products and services, you can earn a 40% commission on Courses and a 30% recurring commission on memberships. Why? We know how many hours you spend marketing and writing that perfect email to bring home that sale. We see and VALUE you!

  • Affiliate cookies are locked in for life or whenever the end-user clears the cookies from their browser – whatever comes first. 
  •  We use the hybrid method of allocating commission (last click wins if an affiliate link is used; otherwise, the original referrer gets the commission.) 
  •  If someone has shared a link to our product with multiple affiliates, the credit will be given to the affiliate whose link was last clicked. 
  •  Affiliate payout happens automatically after the refund period is over – 14 Days. 
  •  There is no minimum payment. Affiliate payments are made through PAYPAL. 
  •  Sorry, we can not pay you a commission if you use your own affiliate link to shop with us. Share the love with one of our partners. 
  •  We’ll let you know via email about new products and offers, so you have time to promote them. The new products or services will be added to your account automatically. 

If you have any queries, please email me at