Learn to build a beautiful and profitable WEBSITE yourself!

✔ We provide the foundations,

✔ step-by-step instructions,

✔ and all the techy parts.

We get it!

You would love a designer website, but…

There is no time to waste on:

  • Watching hours of YouTube videos
  • Getting confused about what theme and plugins to use
  • Stressing about breaking your website or not having it setup properly
  • Wondering where even to start!

At this point, spending $2000+ for a professionally designed website is not an option – especially if you need to keep paying the designer or developer to make simple adjustments and changes in the future.

You know that you should be able to do it yourself, especially with so many online tutorials. Maybe you’ve even tried and got frustrated when the interface looked different from yours. Other people make it look easy.

I’d like to introduce myself. I am Yolandé, founder of FeatheredVine Studio. My entrepreneurial journey started in 2018 when I became desperate to provide an extra income for our family. We have four kids and homeschool, so I needed to find something that would fit in with our schedule and honor our family values.

After taking many courses and doing loads of research, I learned how to use a computer, be a pro at building websites, and grow the company you see today! I know what it means to be tech-phobic and learn new skills from scratch.

Today I want to help you cut down on the learning curve and help you get your website online fast! You have a business to build, and I want to see you succeed with a beautiful, high-converting website.

Picture of Yolandé with the words: Hi There! I am Yolandé

That is exactly why we created the FeatheredVine Membership.

We combined our two most popular courses with some of our best-selling products into a monthly membership. In doing this, we can provide you with everything you need to build a website and an online business at a cost-effective rate.

You do not have to worry about running out of time to get live support, and you can make our programs fit into your own schedule and needs. Making this program time-effective too!

Our process takes you from very beginner to more advanced levels:


  • Confused about the niche you should serve
  • Unsure about the tech tools you will need
  • Not sure how to build a website
  • Uncertain about the products and services you can offer


  • Find your niche
  • Plan your customer journey
  • Choose your offers, services, and products
  • Choose your Tech Stack and the platforms you will use


  • Build your website from start to published
  • Create your offers, services, and products


  • Connect all your software and tools
  • Learn how to use each tool


  • Implement systems to scale
  • Maintain your tech stack

Here’s what you get:

  • Online Business Roadmap ($49)
    Pick your business model, create a launch plan and officially open for business with your first product — in just ten days!

    • Get clear on your passions, strengths, and what is the best path to monetize
    • Plan your customer journey
    • Develop your brand identity
    • Choose your products and offers
    • Plan the structure of your website

    • Tik-Tok introduction
    • Canva training
    • Create a lead magnet/free offer
    • Plan your brand
    • Create your first product and load it in a shop
    • List building training
    • Prizes for completion
  • Website Launch Accelerator Course ($197)
    The most tech-friendly course you will ever find! Designed to get you started on the right track and confident in your tech skills.

    • Build a website with the Kadence WP theme
    • Choose one of our Basic Child Themes
    • All necessary plugins, pages, and settings are done for you
    • One-click installation
    • Welcome Pack with surprise gifts
    • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials and worksheets

    • Copywriting training by Andrea of sparklewithgrace.com
    • Create your Brand training with Sneha of snehadesigns.com
    • Build your list the easy way, training with email marketing specialist Victoria Glass of codedvector.com
    • How Searchie.io can revolutionize your business with Michelle of shellcreative.org
    • Organize your digital clutter, training by Tina Marth of memoriesforyou.com
  • Resource Library with some of our most popular products
    • Branding guides
    • Canva Templates
    • Planners
    • Business Resources

And because we want to see you succeed,

you also get access to the following:

See what others have said:

Yolande, I just wanted to tell you that the Business Bootcamp Workshop was one of the best educational courses I have taken and enjoyed.
From creating a business plan to budget, branding, list building, creating a product, creating a landing page it was delivered with complete clarity.
Even your guest experts delivered very clearly and the website mapping was of great interest to me.
Whilst I could only watch replays it wasn’t a handicap for me and I was very pleased that you had plenty of Q&A’s, which is big plus.
You are a very genuine and generous person, something rare in the online marketing world. So thanks again.
– Neil Jeffrey

“She is the first expert who allowed you the kind of freedom and
time to put into figuring out exactly what it is you want to do
before you start to do anything else.

[The Online Business Roadmap has] made everything easier. It’s made copywriting
easier. It’s made writing sales pages easier. It’s made creating
content and courses easier. Now, I can direct my customer to
exactly where I want them to be, instead of throwing everything
all over the place like it was before.”
-Sharon Kinnier, talkinggurus.com

“I absolutely love my Kadence themed website design from Feathered Vine. I unsuccessfully tried building a WordPress site using all the “easy to follow” tutorials only to find myself completely frustrated and overwhelmed. Not only do I now have a beautiful site, but I’ve learned how to manage the content and develop the site on my own. I love the tutorial videos that Yolande has made–her instructions are so clear and I feel empowered all along the way. It’s been a true joy to work with her!”
– Karin, inspiringinvolvement.com

Need a little bit more help and hand-holding along the way?

Have a look at these two options available. Spaces are limited as these programs offer much more hands-on and direct help.

My promise to you

We take care to make these programs accessible and easy to follow with extra Tech Loving Care™. We take pride in the quality as well as the depth of the content that you will receive. We do not believe in holding back information to later sell it to you at a higher price.
We strongly believe in our community and the core value of an inclusive and safe environment.

If you are not 100% satisfied with what you have received, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. See our policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

    On the fast track, you will need at least 2 – 3 hours a day, weekdays, to complete the training videos and tasks. The courses are designed to be self-paced, and if you need more time, you have it!
    Please make sure you are well aware of the following costs you will need to pay in addition to the website package that you will get with us in the Website Launch Accelerator Course:
    • Domain Hosting
    • Domain Privacy (Hiding your personal information)
    • Website hosting with a WordPress.org installation (WordPress.com is a different service and not suitable for this type of business)
    • SSL certificates, if not included in your web hosting plan
    • Payment Gateways, shopping carts, or course platforms (Dependant on what you will sell)
    • Legal documents for privacy policies and disclaimers
    • Email marketing platform
    • Design software like Canva or Adobe
    During our group calls, we get the chance to help you with all the sticky parts that you might encounter. We usually take a look at what you are trying to do or the problem you encounter through screen share. Even if you do not have an issue, you might encounter a similar sticky point later on. Our members find this time very valuable to learn from each other.

    We only answer questions that have been submitted before the meeting to ensure that all the most relevant questions get answered. If it does not fit well for a group call, we can answer your question inside our Heartbeat community with a tutorial video so that everyone can learn too.

    For our VIP Mastery members, there is no limit to getting answers to your questions, and tutorial videos to answer these questions are filmed on your website so that you have your own content bank relevant to your needs.
    For sure! We are glad you ask! We recommend starting out on our lowest membership offer and upgrading when you need more help. Spaces are limited, though, as these two programs offer much more hands-on help. So if you know you will need it, make sure to apply as soon as possible.

Again, here are your options

The bite-sized tutorials are fabulous! I love that they are dripped out over time. Implementation has taken a bit longer than anticipated, but I’m feeling motivated to keep pushing through and not getting hung up with perfection and analysis paralysis! Plus, I’m very determined and I love a good challenge with a prize and incentives to makes the stakes even higher! The Community is a great place to share and learn. So I’m thankful for the group too!
– Heather Procknal, guineapigacademy.com

This was a wonderful course (Website Launch Accelerator Course). I understood most of it. The things I did not understand were cleared up in the office calls. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs help developing their website.
– Marilyn Southmayd, gildedpenguincreations.com

So happy I found Feathered Vine! I desperately needed help with the structure of my website and this was exactly the assistance I needed. I loved having Zoom calls to specifically talk about certain page and design features I wanted. Most importantly, I learned to how add design elements so I can continue to work on my website independently once the groundwork was finished! Highly recommend!
– Anna, thepolishedpine.com