Do you need a website and are not sure where to start?

You could spend hours creating a website, following tutorials, and trying to weave all the tactics into one website. It can be the most beautiful website too,


No one is visiting, and no one is buying. This can be incredibly discouraging on your journey to becoming an online entrepreneur.

How about we fix that in just two weeks?! Really!!!!
You can open for business in just two weeks, knowing you will have customers coming through the door!

Want to know how?

Keep reading to find out how. 👇

Wondering how to:

  • Choose what to sell?
  • Choose the right tools to get started?
  • Create a plan to launch that will work?
  • Publish a freebie and put products in your shop?
  • Create a business plan without feeling like you are duct-taping everything together?
  • Have a complete website plan together so that you know your customers will stick around and buy what you have to offer?



Pick your business model, create a launch plan and officially open for business with your first product — in just two weeks!

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I am the founder of FeatheredVine Studio Pty Ltd. A place where we network, create opportunities, and grow online entrepreneurship in a tight-knitted community that cares about each other.

I am also a mom of four kids, homeschool, and am totally smitten with my hunky husband. We live in a surfer town called Muizenberg in Cape Town, South Africa, and once you join my community, you will learn to say “Lekker,” – a term we use like awesome, stoked, the best, delicious, exciting, satisfying, etc.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

– Peter Drucker

Not too long ago, I was sitting in front of my computer, researching a million ways to start a business from home. I felt trapped in my circumstances, always living from one paycheck to another, which was not even mine but my husband’s. I hated every moment of feeling powerless and that I could not contribute to my family’s needs.

I know all about desperation, and I know all about feeling overwhelmed. I also know all about spending money on all kinds of experts that seem to have all the answers but left me in a state of analysis paralysis.

I see you, and I know exactly what you need.

Freedom to express yourself, freedom to feel like you are making a difference. Freedom to swipe your bank card at the grocery store without a calculator and a perfect budget. Freedom to toss a little gift into the cart that will brighten your child’s day.

Let me help you uncover your potential, turn it into products that sell, and show you how to turn all of this into a profitable online business that you can be proud of.

What’s included:

Phase one

 • Get clear on your passions, strengths, and what is the best path to monetize.

• Choose an online business model and tactics that have a proven path to success for your idea.

• Get clear on the products and/or services that you will offer.

• Find the best online tools that will help you build your online business.

• Feel confident in selling your products


  • Create your first Lead magnet and get it on a landing page with a free tool
  • Learn how to do this in Canva

Phase two

 • Get to know who your ideal customer is – who your business aims to serve.

• Develop your brand identity, and pinpoint what sets you apart from the rest of the market.

• Get clear on your messaging and the language you will use to attract your ideal customer.
Essential to building a website that converts leads into lifetime customers.


  • Plan your brand colors and font
  • Create a draft logo in Canva with step-by-step help

Phase Three

 • Plan what you need to have on your website.

• Draft the structure of your entire website so that you know how to build it even if you hire this job out.

• Plan your website copy – the words that need to go on each page.

• Plan the rest of your tech stack and tools that you will need to automate your business.

• Get ready to Launch your website with a plan.


  • Create your first product and load it into a free online store with step-by-step help

After completing this Bootcamp, you will finally

  • Have a plan of action that will help you move forward fast!
  • Feedback from a community that has your back!
  • Be free from decision fatigue about which tools you need, platforms to invest in, and training programs to buy!
  • Start marketing your business right away!
  • Get those leads, and Dollars come in from the get-go!

Incredible gifts from our members

when you complete steps in the program:

What others are saying…

This was a wonderful workshop. I understood most of it. The things I did not understand were cleared up in the office calls that she held quite often (as much as daily) during the class. I would recommend this class to anyone who needs help developing their website.
– Marilyn Southmayd owner of Gilded Penguin Creations
The bite-sized tutorials are fabulous! I love that they are dripped out over time. Implementation has taken a bit longer than anticipated, but I’m feeling motivated to keep pushing through and not getting hung up with perfection and analysis paralysis! Plus, I’m very determined and I love a good challenge with a prize and incentives to makes the stakes even higher! The FB Group was a great place to share and learn. So I’m thankful for the group too!
– Heather Procknal, founder of The Guinea Pig Academy
This whole workshop was helpful and eye-opening for the behind the scenes of how to put together a website. Starting this I had no idea about the legal side or how to put together a branding design. With the support and help of templates, I really learned how to put together the website and make it fun for me!
– Jessie Gruca Running Coach founder of Running With Roses 
Yolandé’s workshop increased my confidence and knowledge of WordPress and the technical ( scary area) of designing a website!! Yolande is present and goes out of her way to hold your hand throughout the workshop. She’s engaging and calming!! I would absolutely take her course and any course she offers again!! ❤️😊
– Veronica Lee Founder of Fibromyalgia Living Daily

Choose your best option:

This Bootcamp is designed to help you get the entire foundation for your online business in place.

If you already have a clear idea of your business, then the Basic Option is perfect for you.

However, if you need a bit more help along the way, we recommend taking the Premium Option, which will save you loads of time, overwhelm, and analysis paralysis.


$45 $27.00*

Just what you need
  • 2-Week Bootcamp
  • Access to recordings till September 30th
  • Bonus: Tik-Tok introduction
  • Bonus: Canva Training
  • Prizes for completion
  • Join us!
Join the Bootcamp

$150 $79.00*

Includes 1:1 Coaching
  • 2-Week Bootcamp
  • Access to recordings till September 30th
  • Bonus: Tik-Tok introduction
  • Bonus: Canva Training
  • Prizes for completion
  • 45 min Coaching Session
Join the Bootcamp

One of the best educational courses I have taken and enjoyed!

Yolande, I just wanted to tell you that the Business Bootcamp Workshop was one of the best educational courses I have taken and enjoyed.
From creating a business plan to budget, branding, list building, creating a product, creating a landing page it was delivered with complete clarity.
Even your guest experts delivered very clearly and the website mapping was of great interest to me.
Whilst I could only watch replays it wasn’t a handicap for me and I was very pleased that you had plenty of Q&A’s, which is big plus.
You are a very genuine and generous person, something rare in the online marketing world. So thanks again.    
Neil Jeffrey


If you have any other questions not covered here, please do contact us!

During our pilot stage for this program, we had live sessions that were recorded and added to the content of this course. During this time, we had many students from around the globe that could not make the live recordings and still found the content incredibly valuable.

For this reason, we are confident that everything you need is inside the course to go through at your own pace. The course is hosted within our community on Heartbeat, where there is a dedicated thread for this Bootcamp and weekly feedback opportunities on Fridays.

It is very easy to get your questions answered and to get help from my team or me and community members in Heartbeat.

♥ We are here for you! ♥

Here is the schedule for the Bootcamp. Each day has assignments to complete, and once completed, you can earn badges and prizes along the way. This is only a guideline, and you can make it work within your own schedule.

Business Planning

Day 1

Start with a dream and inspired ideas.

Day 2

Grouping all the dreams, ideas, and passions.

Day 3

Create your business plan.


Day 4

How to create a draft logo in Canva.

Day 5

Branding Workshop with Sneha Designs.

(weekend break or catchup)

Building an email list and products

Day 6

Bonus: Marketing on TikTok with Sharon of Talking Gurus.

Day 7

How to create a landing page for your offer, With Marilyn of Gilded Penguin Creations.

Day 8

Choose a Leadmagnet/free offer. Editing/creating a product in Canva with Andrea of Sparkle with Grace.

Create your first product

Day 9

Add Your Product to a shop

(weekend break or catchup)

Website Mapping

Day 10

Create a website map.

  • A computer or a good smartphone that can run the Canva app
  • Time to commit during the Bootcamp time frame to complete assignments
  • An attitude of – I am going to do this!
  • Your community spirit

All the tools we will teach you to use have a free plan, so there is no need to buy any expensive software or tools.

For sure! You might find that you need help with your product ideas, business plan, or the path ahead. You can purchase a 45min coaching session for $65 at any point during the Bootcamp.

No, not yet. The Bootcamp is designed to get you through the foundation of starting an online business and overcoming the fear of putting something out there.

Many of our successful clients and students started making money online way before their websites were finished. We know that website creation can become a sticky point that prevents you from making progress fast. That is why the process outlined in the Bootcamp is so valuable to save you time and lots of frustration.

Once you have completed the Bootcamp, we will offer you our Website Launch Accelerator Course, which takes you through the entire process from start to finish. This is a very intensive course, and if you are not clear on who you serve, what you want to sell, and what needs to be on your website, you will not benefit from this course to the fullest. It is designed to help you get your business online fast. No time to waste. You need it!

Yes, we have a 7-day refund policy. We believe in our program and have seen the results from so many who have gone before you.